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Crazy Time Evolution

Wheel Crazy Time Evolution

If you enjoy multiplier-based winnings that have the potential to enrich even with a modest bet, then you're likely to love Crazy Time. Evolution Gaming, a specialist in live games, unveiled Crazy Time in May 2020. At first glance, it appears to be a third 54-segment Wheel of Fortune, complementing Evolution's existing lineup, which already included Dreamcatcher since 2017 and Monopoly Live since 2019. Since its launch, Crazy Time has experienced explosive success, with over 20,000 simultaneous players in 2023, and this number continues to grow.

What makes Crazy Time different ?

Crazy Time features 45 segments that multiply the bet by 1, 2, 5, or 10, but what sets it apart is the inclusion of four different bonus games, accounting for 9 of the 54 sections. In other words, 1 out of 6 times, players access a bonus game, which represents the most lucrative event in Crazy Time.

By comparison, the chances of triggering a bonus round in Monopoly Live are limited to 1 out of 13. Without bonus rounds, a wheel can become monotonous, but Crazy Time's strength lies in its ability to keep players engaged.

The power of the Top Slot: Prior to the host manually spinning the wheel, a large 2-reel slot above the wheel displays the symbol of a segment and the multiplier that will be applied if that segment is selected in the subsequent spin. This multiplier can reach up to x50.

Significant win potentials : Crazy Time's strength lies in its ability to offer unprecedented winnings for a live game. For example, when the x50 Top Slot multiplier combines with a x200 large Crazy Time segment on the wheel, players can win up to 10,000 times their bet. However, the possibility of winning 160,000 times the bet is highly improbable due to the low probability. It would require the impossible combination of a x50 Top Slot followed by the largest multiplier segment, further amplified by multiple consecutive triples.

Considering the potential winings in this game, it's recommended to opt for a well-regarded online casino that smoothly processes payouts to players.. Casino Extra and Dublinbet have a long-standing reputation and fall into this category.

Fantastic setting : In Crazy Time, players are transported to a setting that likely harks back to the Belle Époque. The games themselves draw inspiration from ancient times, but Evolution Gaming has given them a grandiose backdrop and incorporated the latest cutting-edge technology. The overall experience is energetically presented by showmen in their period costumes.

What are the four bonus games in Crazy Time ?

Pachinko : This game takes inspiration from the ancient game of pucks. In Crazy Time, the large board is replaced by a massive pink electronic wall, and the puck is white. Released by the host at the top of the wall, the puck is guided by chutes to land in one of the positions corresponding to a multiplier ranging from x3 to x50, with a chance to reach up to x2500 the bet if the initial Top Slot is set at x50. It's worth noting the possibility of landing on the "Double" position, which doubles the win and allows for another puck launch.

Coin Flip : This game is as old as coins themselves—it's a simple heads or tails game. One side is blue (heads), and the other is red (tails), with each color associated with a multiplier that can go up to x100. The maximum potential is x5000 if the initial Top Slot indicates x50.

Cash Hunt : This game resembles shooting stands with moving mini targets. Instead of a rifle, there's a cannon, and there are 108 moving symbols. Each target hides a multiplier ranging from x5 to x100. The maximum potential reaches x5000 if the Top Slot displays x50.

Crazy Time : Similar to a Russian nesting doll, one wheel can hide another. The Crazy Time wheel is the number one attraction among the bonus games. Accessible through a red door, it is larger and more generous than any other wheel. Its 64 colorful segments are all winners, with multipliers that will make your head spin as the grand wheel starts spinning in a fantastical world. The highest-paying segment awards x200, and with a possible x50 multiplier. This amount can theoretically increase with the "Double" or "Triple" segments.

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