Live Casino , Why this success ?

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Live casinos are increasingly successful. Better than the draws decided by the software, players prefer the unpredictable route of the roulette ball. Most players also prefer the manual distribution of blackjack and baccarat cards. The pleasure of the game is considerably increased when you are spectator of a game in front of an elegant croupiere.

 The live casino reassures the player

Rare are the players who have not gone through a moment of doubt about the sincerity and reliability of an organized draw from software running with a random number generator. Although many online casinos hold A game license is audited regularly, the random draws part nevertheless escapes the control of the player who must rely on the sincerity of the casino.

In a live casino, the control by the player is facilitated. On a table of Live roulette, there is not a camera but often more. These cameras that roll the roulette from above, on the side, and even the hands of the croupier. Often, external elements like the broadcast of the TV channel in the background on a screen, or the words of the croupiere greeting the newcomer by his pseudonym, are there to testify that everything happens live.

 Technological progress improves live casinos

The first live casinos that appeared in the early 2000s were innovative but unconvincing because the majority of players did not have Internet access with enough throughput to access these games greedy bandwidth. The image was of poor quality and frequent cut. Now, since the global standard is broadband, it is possible upstream to broadcast a high quality video stream, often in high definition, with sound also HD what was impossible a few years earlier.

Without moving, any table game player equipped with a PC or tablet can now connect at any time to the live casino of his choice, and spend the time he wishes at a blackjack or baccarat roulette table in The comfort of his home.

The rules of the game are those universally applied in all casinos, the atmosphere is generally very friendly. The croupieres are both engaging, professional and sexy. With identical technology, the success of a live casino relies heavily on the qualities of the croupieres. It is easy to change service in one click since many casinos offer several different live casino services.

 Casinos for low or high stakes

By playing on a live casino, the player improves safety, his comfort of play but he also offers the possibility of betting as he sees fit without any regulatory or psychological constraint. On some live casinos such as Fairway Casino or Celtic Casino bets start at € 0.10 on roulette. When other platforms like Evolution Gaming raise the bar higher, with a betting range starting at € 1 but capped at € 40000 on the Fantastic Immersive Roulette

  A Golden Rule -> Refuse Bonuses on Live Casino

The bonus policy of online casinos is rarely adapted to table games. Bonuses granted that generally apply to slot machines have betting constraints incompatible with table games generally excluded under the general conditions of bonuses.
If one is a player of live casino one will therefore avoid accepting the bonus. There are some exceptions like Vegas Casino which does not apply restriction for bonuses of table players.