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bitcoin-liverouletteThe fans of roulette appreciate the simplicity of the game which knew how to cross the centuries and the continents while preserving the same rules to leave intact the intensity of the emotion of the player. The live roulette with live croupiers filmed appeared around 2005 making the joy of the amateurs of authenticity. By adopting the Bitcoin as exclusive betting unit Bitcoin Live Roulette is taking a new step towards bringing together the live casino of a land-based casino. This new platform eliminates both the constraints associated with transactions in online casinos and also preserves the privacy of the player who does not communicate any nominative information concerning him.

Bitcoin Live Roulette is a platform dedicated to live roulette for Bitcoin users.
While most of the new competing online casinos display games by hundreds, BitcoinLiveroulette focuses solely on Live Roulette with Bitcoin from a deliberately minimalist website. Other table games are excluded.
Place at Roulette live from the most famous casino in Dublin: The Fitzwilliams Casino and Card Club!
The sobriety is found on the site that is totally purified of unnecessary promotions to leave a nice place to simplicity with 3 simple steps:
1- The player enters his Bitcoin address (if he does not have to see how to buy bitcoins below)
2- The player receives the address on which he makes his payment
3- Bitcoins are credited to the player's account and the player can place bets on Live Roulette.
When the player stops playing, the bitcoins on his account automatically leave the casino and return to the player's Bitcoin wallet.

 Bitcoin Roulette Live Bonus

BitcoinRoulette live does not distribute any bonus, fans of fake bonuses will surely be disappointed but real roulette players know that a bonus for table games with wagering requirements is usually a trap that locks the player if he wants Cash quickly.

On this point too, BitcoinLiveRoulette is in our sense avant garde by addressing the player with lucidity avoiding to take him for a partcher offering him a bonus inconsistent with the nature of the table games.

This feature brings Bitcoin Roulette Live closer to land-based casinos that do not use double the number of chips to welcome them to their customers.

  Casino Software Suppliers

Only Live Roulette is available live 24/24 of the most famous casino of Dublin.The Fitzwilliam Casino and Cards Club. The technology is ensured by Actual Gaming provider of the same live with other casinos (in euros or dollars)

Live Roulette can take the form of a table with real croupier or are present the players within the casino enclosure

The player can also bet on the car Roulette live without a croupier

     Live Roulette: 2 levels of tables to bet between 1 mBTC  and 10 BTC
     Auto Roulette: 1 table level to bet between 1 mBTC € and 10 BTC

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